Using VR to Help Students Understand Cultural Differences

Samsung's_Virtual_Reality_MWC_2016_Press_Conference_(26666393696)In an era ripe with mistrust and fear, it’s easy to set empathy aside. But what if we could step into the eyeballs of another person to get his or her point of view from the inside? Could that lead to greater understanding? That’s the idea for a project at North Carolina State University that uses virtual reality to help engineering students understand different cultural perspectives…

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Why Higher Ed Should Do More with Blockchain Tech

When Oral Roberts University hosted the one-day event, “Blockchain Essentials in Education,” all attendees received a blockchain-based certificate from the Tulsa university verifying their participation. Perhaps nothing else could have illustrated the potential of blockchain technology more appropriately.

As CIO Michael Mathews, the event’s organizer, explained, blockchain will be as important to transforming education as the internet was. He said he believes those colleges and universities that jump on the secure public ledger concept early enough and begin testing it out will be the ones who could see the biggest benefits…

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How K-12 Learning Can Cultivate True Collaboration

There’s a reason even superheroes need to work together in the movies today to conquer the bad guys. Attacking complex problems single-handedly doesn’t work anymore. And even smaller projects need multiple minds going at them for success. Yet, while collaboration is certainly a critical need for the 21st century, too often students are simply thrown together into teams to tackle group projects without first being prepared for the challenge…

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